Sunset Art Gallery of Amarillo

Bud Heiss


“The creative process is so much a part of me, that to deny it would be like denying myself food or water,” said Heiss. “I might be allright without it for a short period, but eventually a real hunger or thirst to create would develop. I paint because I must create. I started drawing at a very young age but was never satisfied with stick figures -- I always attempted to represent the world as I saw it and in college I was finally able to achieve a high level of realism. During college I specialized in watercolor and after graduating I took up pastels, which taught me about using more expressive colors. Then came acrylics and oils, where I found my true passion for painting.”


“As my painting style matures, I'm more concerned with colors and light than I am in achieving tight realism. These days I'm very interested in painting landscapes that are specific in location and time of day. Most of my work depicts early morning or late afternoon when the sunlight appears warm and shadows are longer and more pronounced. This type of light can be quite challenging to paint. I'm especially interested in areas where light and shadow meet. These areas are spiritually symbolic for me, they symbolize a moment when a person might suddenly have new insight into a situation or problem and is no longer ‘in the dark,’ so to speak."


Heiss studied at Kansas City Art Institute and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Nebraska before continuing his education at Loveland Academy of Fine Art in Colorado. His work has won many regional and national awards over the years; his most recent was the Mesa Art League's Artist of the Month. His work has been featured in numerous solo exhibitions and countless group shows.